Sceptre Of Controlling Shadows

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The rod is tipped with a glowing red stone, carved into the shape of a clenched fist. Despite your best efforts, the sceptre's true power staunchly resists your attempts at identification. With it, even one lacking the unearthly powers of the Shadow Prince might be able to command those under the spell of the Shadow Keep. One must only try...

Has 100(100) charges at level 1-2 'remove curse'.
Insignificantly increases resistance to divine damage continuous

Keywords: red shadow controlling sceptre
Level: 51
Type: staff
Slot: <held>
Quality: 60 hps.
Weight: 3 lbs.
Flags: evil, magic


The reward from The Order's Last Mission Quest.


Area: Shadow Keep (Map)
Mob: The librarian's ghost