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“The bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of the expanding bureaucracy.”
                                                          ― Oscar Wilde 
I suppose it's nice to have goals. 
This is a very long term game. So I picked some very long term goals.

         in vague order of importance
             ======  Hero ======

A) Dragons are cool. A dragon 999 army would be cool. *nod self*
B) Taking down Kiah, need a caster army from A for that first.

            The Summoning.                                   
 WinterRose   WhD  Mag  SH  Primary / quest character.       
 BlackScale   Drg  BCI   H  Death field dentistry.           
 Chronossos   Drg  Bzk   H  I lost so much mana... RAGE!     
 Shardwing    Drg  Pal   H  Lawful stupid.                   
 Psistorm     Drg  Psi   H  EHA CRs went Fetchy?             
 Kaladon      Drg  Sor   H  Bone Dragon. Unending mana.      
 Shear        Drg  Stm   H  Hydrobot.                        
 Aasterossos  Drg  Wzd   H  Acidic fake stormlordliness.     
            Let's take down Kiah brigade.                    
 Orkenskin    Orc  Arc  SH  Fashion and munitions dept.      
 FlutterWing  Spr  Fus  SH  Where nothing beats ...          
 Redbeard     Dwf  Fus  SH      ... a proper shotgun.        
 Cobbles      Gol  Bzk  SH  EHA CR service.                  
 Taurus       Min  War  SH  [No idea what this alt does.]    
 Grimly       Dwf  Cle  SH  Durr Artificer. Pgems abound.    
           =====  Lord / Legend =====

C) Self-made Fae. Check.

 Chaplain     Fae  Prs  Lgnd  As if it matters.              
            The Unmaker Squad!                               
 Arena        HiE  Bld   L  The Loser of Blades.             
 Collector    Elf  Sor   L  -> To HiE Pal. The tank.         
 Weraxai      HiE  Sor   L  Black Sheep, the closet lich.   
 Saw          HiE  Prs   L  Preachbot / cleanser.            
 Chaplain     HiE  Arc   L  Arrows go to temples.            
 DarkSong     HiE  Wzd   L  Someone to rune the meteors...   
            Yeah but they need to GET there.                 
 Blackhorn    Min  BCI   L  Beef, cloak and dagger.          
 Archon       Tua  Mnd   L  Fracturing the fractals.         
 Maeva        Spr  Mag   L  -> 800. Shizaga enchanter.       
 Freckles     Liz  Psi   H  -> 250 Restructurer wannabe.     
 Atrocia      Liz  War   L  -> 800. Crafter wannabe.         
 Thunderstone Dwf  War   L  Durr sharpener/smith.            
       Ultimate Subsquad of Ultimate Powerfullyness          
 Wince        Kob  War   L  -> To bzk powerhouse.            
 Whimper      Kob  Mag   L  -> To sor annihilator.           

D) This one is fresh. Since the player population outside 
   US primetime is at an all-time low, I suppose I'll have 
   to explore and map lord planes all by myself. 
   And twenty ten archers should suffice.

             Glue together a Titan                           
 Akordia                 L                                   
 Brorn                   L                                   
 Chenzira           A    L                                   
 Dantrag       D    r    L                                   
 Eleria        r    c    L                                   
 Fergul        o    h    L                                   
 Gelalin       w    e    L                                   
 Helonal            r    H                                   
 Ilonur                  H                                   
 Jivvin                  H                                   

                 == Utility Alts ==
                (no particular goal)
 Teacup       Spr  Dru   L  Spellbot / harmonizer.
 Wrex         Drc  Psi   H  Kra steelbot service.
 Lidda        Hlf  Rog   H  Pick that lockbox! service.
 Bleach       Gar  Mag  Lm  Level 24 fader. 

                 == Locker Alts ==

 Diplotaur    Hum  Mag   H  Quest Pot/Pill storage.
 Krey         Orc  War   H  Quest Pot storage.
 Schreddinger Ogr  War   H  Healing Pot storage.
 Tchack       Trg  War   H  Lowmort hit gearsets storage.
 Beetle       Orc  War   H  Lowmort tank gearsets storage.

Total alts listed: 45
Alts unlisted: 30+ (mostly irrelevant lockers and tests)

Why are all these megaprojects multiday-based? As years go by, 
unfortunately, so do the players disapear. My playtime is usually 
around 2-10 AM system and there's barely any people online at 
those hours. Without multiday, [for me] the game would be dead,
sad as it is. So in time I started treating it as a singleplayer 
game with an IRC attached. Now it works better, though it requires 
some self-sufficiency.

Anyway. Each alt has its own story, and is unique in some way (save the 
mass-spammed carbon copied archers); they all serve a purpose, be it gear 
management, recovery, support and similar, and there is very little 
repetition - I like to experience different aspects and characters.

As a sidenote, I will never make a horse or a monk.
Those run contrary to my personal beliefs. 

Color chart for buddyset classes:
K: N/A BK: Asn, BCI, Shf B: Stm BB: Rog Y: Mon BY: N/A G: Dru, Ran BG: Arc, Fus
W: Bld, War BW: Prs, Wzd R: Sor BR: Bzk P: Bod BP: Pal C: Mnd, Psi BC: Cle, Mag