Waterlace Leggings

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A pool of water is on the ground.

Insignificantly increases resistance to water continuous
Faintly lowers resistance to fire continuous
Armor class is 8-10.
Modifies mana by 15 continuous.

Keyword(s): waterlace leggings water
Type: armor
Flag(s): magic
Weight: 5 lbs
Level(s): 41-43
Quality: 100 hps


  • Most of the path, and the gear room is water terrain, so make sure you've got water breathing up.


Area: Trials Of Zin (Map)
Mob(s): Giant Water Elemental

From Zin - 2w 2n e 2n [n] e n w n e n w n u n e 2s. Kill elemental.
Zmud speedwalk (with pass door) .2w2ne3nenwnenwnune2s