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Here's what Rietta herself sells:

Pink Potion750
White Marble Cross14880
Exquisite Diamond14415
Travellers Holy Symbol12960
Unholy Symbol13392
Purple Potion7500
Empty Clay Vial14880
Burnt Wooden Staff14415
Jewelled Gourd6382
Vial Of Gish Blood8250
Vial Of Ent's Blood6000

Squire Benny sells the Practice Ticket for 375000. Both of these mobs wander around the area.

The Elven Rascal lives all e, n from Thorngate center. He's the resident etcher on Thorngate. Here's what he sells:

Vial Of Burning Red Liquid86490
Mother Of Pearl Wand89280
Orb Of Bravery1105920

The Green Silken Sarong and Silver Iguana are both small quests that end up in Rietta's Wonders. See their individual pages for information on how to get them.

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