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On the edge of one plane or another, there have been hypothesized to be "bubbles" or miniature planes. Within one of these bubbles, called Thorngate by some, sits an Inn run by a little man named Bandu. If you find yourself near Thorngate, stop in and rest awhile.

Builder: Crom


w, [w], from Thorngate center


Connects with Thorngate Proper to the east


Woe The Sly, who is the lord general store, is w, [w], s from center.

w, [w], n from center is Bandu, who sells empty drinks at his bar.

w, [w], w from center is the Old Hunter who is the archer shop.

all w, u is where the killable portion of this area starts.


All the killable mobs in this area are reboot only. Since they're lord mobs, you should count on them being aggie.

From center go all w, u, e, and kill the Githzerai Mage. Get his key, it's used to unlock the door to the east.

Kill Ulgrat. He's a bit bigger. He has another key.

The next two mobs are det so many groups choose to stop here.

East from Ulgrat's room are two detting Githzerai Guards. Huge surprise, in this room you get another key.

North from the gith guards is Smeed. He's in a nofight room, but his description talks about killing him...wonky. There's a chest in his room with another key in it.

Use that key on the door north of Ulgrat and you'll be in a nospell room. East of that are 5 Golden Guardians that are very gassy. So far I've found the best approach to killing this room is bringing a group of 2 casters, a tank, and a healer. If you don't bring a healer chances are the gas will kill your casters before you clear the room. If your casters are particularly buff (and wear saving-throw gear) then you might be able to do it without a healer.

Each of the five Golden Guardians holds two fizora gemstones. So if you clear the room your group gets to split 1m coins. Not a bad deal in my book. The guardians room alone is worth about ~140exp each for a group of 4.


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