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The higher your intelligence, the more you will learn at each practice session. The higher your wisdom, the more practice sessions you will have each time you gain a level. Unused sessions are saved until you do use them.

Class Table (To Adept)
Class Classification Prime Stat % to Adept at Lowmort
Clerics/Druids Caster(defensive) Wisdom 95%
Mages/Wizards Caster(offensive) Intelligence 95%
Monks/Shadowfists Tank Dexterity 90%
Psionicists/Mindbenders Caster(offensive) Intelligence 95%
Rogues/BCI Tank Dexterity 90%
Warriors/Bodyguards Tank/Hitter Strength 85%
Archers/Fusiliers Hitter Dexterity 90%

Note: Stats can be increased to 3 above max trainable with gear. Also note that once you reach hero, you'll need 95% to be adept at a skill or spell, no matter what your class... so you might want to save a few pracs :-)