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Heroes may attempt to fight the Ultimate Dragon, a fearsome adversary. Successful combatants will receive a substantial prize. To attempt the quest, contact an immortal online to arrange a time. Here are the rules of engagement:

- Participants must be level 51 with more than 500 sublevels.
  (If you are currently below sublevel 500, even as a result
  of a failed morph, you will not be allowed to try the quest.)
- The prize is non-transferable and is bound to the winner.
- You may only successfully complete the quest once.
- If you remort and thus lose the gear you can try again at Hero 500.
- If you fail, you may not attempt the quest for another week.
- All spell effects are cleared prior to starting the quest.
- The quest is a fight to the death.
- There is a 30 minute time limit to find and kill the dragon.
- Surge and track are disabled.
- It is up to the player to loot the girth and skin the corpse.

If you'd like a taste of what this quest entails, you can often watch battles with the Dragon in the viewing room one north of the Sanctum entrance.

Level Range: 51-51

Builder: DaWiz


The sole mob here is the Ultimate Dragon, hidden in the final room of the UD maze. See this mob for more info on defeating him and the maze.


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