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There are several air pathways above our fair realm that allows anyone with the fly spell to soar like an eagle between most of the major cities. These airways are usually accesable from the dead center of the realm's bigger towns, such as Solace, Mervue, Ofcol and Midgaard.

Level Range: 10-12

Builder: Crom


Walking route from Sol: 3e, 6s, u.

Walking route from Aelmon: 9s, 7e, [e], 3u.

Portaling point(s) suggested: Yazimetra.


This area connects to Midgaard, Ofcol, Mt. Durr, Solace, Mervue, Wildwood and Highways/Great Wall.


This area is fairly uniform throughout, with various mobs wandering in and out.

The Air of Avatar is probably primarily used as a quick route for those with flying to get around the mainland area of Midgaardia. It is particularly useful in getting from the west (Mt. Durr or Solace) to the east (the Great Wall or Wildwood), or from the north (Ofcol) to the south (Mervue). The connections from Midgaard are of course useful, the trouble taken to walk from Aelmon to the walls, climb up onto them and proceed to the towers is often less worth the effort taken to find a shorter route. For this reason, the Midgaard connection is best taken if you are looking for an area close to, but outside of Midgaard, rather than a route to the centre of the city.


Air of Avatar is a fast, easy transport between Midgaard, Ofcol, Mt. Durr, and Solace by means of the fly spell, griffon wings bracer, or any other means of flying. The area hosts several cute flying mobs. Note that dying here without the Fly spell or the racial ability to fly can make trying to self-CR very difficult.


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