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The Great Wall was built to protect the lands west of the Wild Wood from the dangers which lurked in those dangerous lands. The king of Midgaard declared that those men and women who had given their life defending, building and maintaining the Wall's security, and hence the security of the realm itself, should be honoured with a special resting place of their own. So Defender's Graveyard came into existance, a final resting place for those who died to keep others safe, in the shadow of the Great Wall itself. In recent time though, a taint has begun to insinuate itself into the cemetary, and not all the dead rest as they should.

Level Range: 35-40

Builder: Izanagi


Walking route from Aelmon: 15e, [s].

Portaling point(s) suggested: Groundskeeper man



This is a simple layout with only a few gotchas. The graveyard can be roughly divided into two parts; a well tended and normal burial ground to the north, and an overgrown and undead infested section to the south. An overgrown hill in the centre of the yard forms somewhat of a natural barrier between the safer northern section and the more dangerous southern section. Both sections are navigable by mostly just wandering around in a east/west fashion.

The main entrance from Defender's Way leads into the north section. On the west side of the area is a gate to a clearing in Sunset Wood, a part of Nocte Abbey. Routes between the northern and southern sections of the graveyard are to be easily found along the eastern and western sides, circumventing the hill in the centre.

To the south is a down path to the fields of dead corn in the Haunted Forest. One tomb leads down to Ruined Lair (5) so be careful. Access to the top of the hill is also from this section.

There are also a good number of rooms in both sections that require you to enter something to get into (mausoleum, tombs, etc) and one that only opens when you kill a mob.


The north section is the safer of the two parts. The mobs here are not aggressive, and many of them (but not all) are easier to fight. Most of them will wander about, and the ghosts will be invisible to lower level characters. Most of the mobs here are generally good aligned, or neutral so keeping your alignment negative is easy.

The south section is more dangerous and contains all of the aggie mobs, none of which wander. The mobs in this part are generally a little bit harder than those in the north, and most are undead. Needless to say, most of the mobs here are evil, so keeping your alignment positive is easy.


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