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The crypt is the resting place of this realm's deceased Dragons, and is guarded by ferocious wyrm servants. Seeking treasure, a well known party of Midgaardian adventurers set out in search of the crypt recently, led by Svlad the Very Burly and Millament, High Sister of the Order of UL. It has been a long time since that party disappeared east of what once was Ofcol.

Level Range: 51-51

Builder: GTMP

This area has been replaced by Cloud Dracoleum


Walking route from Aelmon: 19n, 3e, 3n, 6e, 2n.

Portaling point(s) suggested: Svlad.



The area is a simple loop with a single branch going downwards towards Tryystania The DracoLich's lair. Most of the area is cursed save for the introductionary room (where Svlad The Very Burly serves as portal point), and the room just above Tryystania's lair (an excellent place to set recall in case of impending untimely death).


The area is not overly complicated or difficult, and is very small - only 14 rooms in size. Most of the mobs (save for Tryystania) will not see hidden characters, making it a simple affair to sneak into the pit, set recall above Tryystania's room, and then quickly strike at the undead dragon and Millament The Mad Necromancer - the invisible necromancer in the room. Both have relevant gear (see the treasure hunting page below).

While doing this, it is wise to have autoloot on as well as autosac - otherwise Millament will animate Tryystania and you will be in for yet another fight.

Aside for these monetary and gear reasons, the area is rarely run.


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