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Centaur Hollow has 21 takable objects, several of which may be quite desirable. Its three ticket-quest rewards (namely an Orb of Sunshine, a darklin carapace ring, and Konk's Gigantic Clobberin' Stick) are particularly nice, though few characters will be strong enough to wield Konk's big stick. Four of its mobs wield decent missile weapons (either a sprite fusilier's sling or a simple hunter's longbow); small bits of ammunition for these missile weapons may be found in this area, as well. Its three ents each wear bracelets that serve as decent hit gear, its thirteen centaurs each wear hipposandals that make nice dex gear, and one of these centaurs (namely Silvanus Wayfinder) also wears a wreath of laurels that makes nice wis gear. Plus, two of its three lizardmen wear cloaks that are useful for moving hidden. And, finally, any psionicists with 23(26) intelligence may enjoy darting its centaur psionicist's granite rock. For more data concerning each individual piece of gear, see its respective page listed below.