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It is fairly well known that Lloth was a spider-goddess worshipped by many of the drow and High Drow. Her influence can still be seen today. What is not commonly known is that Lloth was no goddess, but rather a spider-demon of the underworld. When she was defeated, the vast majority of her followers and priests were transformed into Driders, hideous mixtures of drow and spider. Most of these driders remember little of their heritage, and are little better than beasts. Among the underdwellers, rumor says that Lloth was not destroyed, but lies in torpor, recovering from her injuries and her defeat...

Level Range: 51-51

Builder: Dev


Walking route from Aelmon: 14n, 8w, n, e, 4d, s, d, w, 2d, e, d, e, d, w, d, 2s, d, 2e, s, u, 2s, 4e, d.

Portaling point(s) suggested: drider hunter (warning: there are a few, they wander, and they're aggressive).



Coming down from the Ruins through A Gaping Pit one first hits an uncursed 3x3 block called In The Web. From it's NW corner is another Pit leading down, and from here onwards all is cursed.

Once on the bottom layer, the western half is called A Web Of Tunnels and is indeed a small web of sorts, but not so large to be difficult to navigate. It connects to the east to The Golden Web which is a straightforward 3x4 mesh.

The Priestess Queen's room connects to the center north of The Golden Web and is accessible only by getting captured.


Pretty dangerous area. IIRC, sweet exp for a buff duo or trio. Don't wander into the Golden Web unless you know what you're doing.

This is an fun area to run with many interesting bonuses. Idolatry is very swarmy and some mobs have interesting abilities. The drider hunters at the top of web will rescue each other (note: This can change tank so watch their movements). Also Lloth-Ra Knights in the golden web section have charged shields (this is very harsh on small tanks and groupies). When entering the area destroy the hunters at the top if you wish or head for the real exp in the underbelly of the area. Head to the northwestern part of the area till you can go down and journey down. Make sure to kill Priestesses before arachs, and when fighting arachs keep in mind they flee so you may wanna bash/trip/throw them. Directly east after going down a few times you will find three arachlings (note: this is where corpses are brought after a death to queen). If you are feeling really brave head in the southeastern direction to the golden web. This is where the big Lloth-Ra Knights and web tender live. A defeat from a Llotha-Ra Knight earns you a trip to the Queen where you get to try to defeat a bow mob with 10 hp and mana (see gear). This area is not a great area to have a group death but overall good exp and fun for those who do come.

  • Aggie Mobs: Drider Hunter, Drider priestess, Lloth-Ra knight, and Queen.
  • Non-Aggie Mobs: Arachlings, Arachnads, and Web Tender.

Gear: Spider fangs (found on Arachnads; hero-level poison that spawns in three different flavors), Moon Sabres (found on Lloth-Ra Knights. 9/9 weight 2 weapons), and the Moonlight Arc (found on Queen; 21 hr anti-good, best hero long bow) Note: To kill the queen you have a few options. If you are a rogue you can blackjack the queen when you get there. Non Rogues should switch to tank gear quaff hp up then kill queen. This bow is a nice prize and fun to get.

Getting killed by the Queen will dump your corpse in the Arachling Nest, which is relatively close to the entrance and can be easily speedwalked to.


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