Halfling Detective Quest

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This quest confers the Halfling "Detective" Insignia, and is located within Mountain Tunnels on Eragora.

To be eligible to start this quest you must not have done the Mountain Adventurer Quest, or if you have, you must have also done the Halfling Redemption Quest to nullify it.

The maze portion is very aggressive and tough to CR, so this quest is only recommended to groups or very large superheroes.

  • Once on Eragora portal to Halfling Spy and examine the bushes. This will trigger the quest.
  • push vegetation, e, s, and from here walk towards the top, scanning for the Nervous Adventurer. Murder him for the Commission To Explore The Mountains.
  • Once you reach Throdak, the Paladin's ghost, walk d, e, s and pick up the Misty Elixir from the ground.
  • Inside the maze scan for the Halfling Slave ("A halfling searches the area for clues"). There are two - one has a Chocolate Egg, the other has the Torn Out Journal Entry. Kill the one bearing the journal (but if you wish to see an easter egg, murder the other one as well and give the egg to the paladin's ghost). Both will flee and you will need to chase them through the other aggie mobs, making this the most tricky part of the quest.
  • Once you have secured all three items, return to Halfling Spy and carefully give them to him, one by one.

You will receive the Halfling "Detective" Insignia, congratulations! This insignia should also have the effect of making the halflings non-aggressive in your further ventures into the maze.

Once you 999 and no longer require this insignia, consider reverting to Mountain Adventurer Insignia via the Half-Orc Redemption Quest and then Mountain Adventurer Quest.