Mountain Adventurer Quest

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This quest rewards the player with the Mountain Adventurer Insignia and involves Mountain Tunnels and Halfling's Paradise areas on Eragora.

To be eligible to start this quest you must not have done the Halfling Detective Quest, or if you have, you must have also done the Half-Orc Redemption Quest to nullify it.

  • Once on Eragora, portal to Halfling Spy and go 2s to meet Madak, the half-orc captain, in a safe room. He will require papers to open the gates (the official method of entrance). If he doesn't wish to talk to you, you have arrived at an inopportune time - his business hours are during the in-game day.
  • Portal to Old Fisherman and walk 2n, 2e, d, w, n.
  • Scan for Frantic Messenger and once you locate him, kill him for the Ulexite sphere. (This halfling dashes down the corridor in a rush somewhere.)
  • Avoid Deacon's room or you will probably splat.
  • Since he wanders follow these directions from the water room after you went down: 2w, 4n (you are very likely to get aggied at 2n), 2w.
  • Give the sphere to the scribe, receive forged papers.
  • Portal to Halfling spy, move 2s, and deliver the papers to Madak.
  • Receive the Mountain Adventurer Insignia and the gates will open to enter the area proper.

As a side-effect, this effect should render the half-orcs within the area (or just the maze?) non-aggressive.

To switch this insignia for the Halfling "Detective" Insignia, you will be required to perform the Halfling Redemption Quest and then the Halfling Detective Quest.