Legacy Of King Vorin Quest

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To complete this quest, you will first need to get both pieces of Vorin's war axe. One piece is carried by Nesin, a gang leader who hangs out by Mt. Durr's northern exit to The Great Divide. The other piece is held by Garm, a monstrous hound found at the bottom of Mt. Durr's mines; to get to Garm, you will need to either get three different mine passes or use bashdoor three times. Once you have gotten both of these pieces, you will need to go kill a spirit guard, use its key to enter the spirit realm, give both pieces to Queen Rhuan's shade who will recombine them for you into Vorin's War Axe, and then enter a rift to return this axe to King Vorin's shade, who will reward you for this deed with his legacy. Detailed instructions for this quest are provided below. Referring to a map of Mt. Durr may also be helpful.

Note that those who know bashdoor may instead, from Bomli, go 2w, s, 2w, 2s, {s}, [d], {d}, {d}, n, w, using bashdoor to open all locked doors, after which they may kill Garm and then continue as instructed from that point below. Also, Characters who prefer to do so may get a mine pass level one by completing Mt. Durr's Mine Pass Level One Quest rather than by buying it.

From Bomli:

  • Go s.
  • Go s.
  • Go n, 4w, 2s.
  • Go s.
  • Go d, n, 2w, n.
  • Go s, 2e, s.
  • Go d, n, 2w.
  • Go 2e, s.
  • Go d, n, w.
  • Go e, s.
  • Go u.
  • Go u.
  • Go u.
  • Go 3n, w, 2n, w, 2n, 2e.
  • Go w.