Muo Wishene's Judgement

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This perfect sphere appears to be a giant pearl the color of ivory, with the barest pink hued shimmer as you hold it to the light. Like Muo Wishene herself, this pearl contains the potential to protect and to destroy, and imbues to its owner the wisdom to choose between the two.

Has 4(4) charges at level 51 'divinity'.
 Modifies damage roll by 9 continuous
 Modifies hit roll by 9 continuous

Keyword(s): muo, wishenes, judgement, pearl
Type: wand
Flag(s): magic, bless, anti-evil, anti-neutral, good
Slot(s): <held>
Weight: 5 lbs
Level(s): 50-52
Quality: 40 hps


A Banner Of The Lone Wolf upgrade with emergency rations to boot. Kill Muo Wishene for it.


Area: Rim (Map)
Mob(s): Muo Wishene.