Religious Artifacts Hunting Quest

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This is one of the quests done in Rim, and easier of the two collector-type quests.

Goal is to gather religious artifacts that correspond with the four sea deities:

  • Muo Wishene - the whale <spoiler>Charm is on the survivor in the Fields of Debree minimaze.</spoiler>
  • Crattenos - the shark <spoiler>Icon is in wreck to the west - 2d, w from "King".</spoiler>
  • Lumoloth - the kraken <spoiler>Song to call the Waiting Storm is on the Nemiad the Siren.</spoiler>
  • Mnephrikos - lord of the dead <spoiler>Bone kraken necklace is on the Bhyss priest s, 2e from Far Hunter.</spoiler>

Tickets for it are in the first (pre-fog) section, and the questgiver is on the other side of the fog; look for a mob that collects such treasures. <spoiler>You have to break through the Fog and reach the Pocket of Cool Water. Consult the area page on how to achieve this. Once there, find the Explorer on his dhow and give him the items.</spoiler>

Follow the plotline to Gorn's Anchor, and grab the award: the Sea Priestess' Skirt. <spoiler>Explorer will give you an expedition journal, which you have to deliver to the Sea Priestess in her Temple in Gorn's Anchor).</spoiler>

In case you posses the Far Hunter Tattoo Insignia the reward will be better, though bound.