Sea Priestess' Skirt

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This skirt is the color of the sea, or at least the deep azure color one would picture the sea in their mind's eye. Stylized ocean waves in blue embroidery circle the waist.

Insignificantly increases resistance to water continuous [5%]
Modifies mana by 21 continuous

Keyword(s): blue sea priestess skirt
Type: armor
Flag(s): none
Slot(s): <worn on legs>
Weight: 3 lbs
Level(s): 51
Quality: 200 hps


Result of the Sea Priestess' Skirt Quest done primarily in the Rim, ending in Gorn's Anchor.

If you receive this item while having a Far Hunter Tattoo Insignia, the skirt is better:

Faintly increases resistance to water continuous [10%]
Modifies hp by 11 continuous
Modifies mana by 32 continuous

It will also be bound.


Area: Rim (Map) / Gorn's Anchor (Map)