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Gear Quick-Links Table
Newbie Gear
1-10 Arch Gear 1-10 Hit Gear 1-10 Mana Gear 1-10 Tank Gear 1-10 "Casties"
11-20 Arch Gear 11-20 Hit Gear 11-20 Mana Gear 11-20 Tank Gear 11-20 "Casties"
21-30 Arch Gear 21-30 Hit Gear 21-30 Mana Gear 21-30 Tank Gear 21-30 "Casties"
31-40 Arch Gear 31-40 Hit Gear 31-40 Mana Gear 31-40 Tank Gear 31-40 "Casties"
41-50 Arch Gear 41-50 Hit Gear 41-50 Mana Gear 41-50 Tank Gear 41-50 "Casties"
Hero Arc / Hero Dru Hero Hit Gear Hero Mana Gear Hero Tank Gear Hero "Casties"
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Lord Gear
Gear-Changing Aliases

Vizier Gear

These are pieces of gear that improve armor class and mana.

<used as light>
2x <worn on finger> Antharian Signet Ring (-20ac 10mana)
2x <worn around neck> Rune Of Life (-10ac 50mana), Beads Of Devotion (-20ac 20mana), Golden Torque (-5ac 30mana)
<worn on body> Armour Of Faith (-40ac 25mana), Musk Ox Vest (-35ac 35mana), White Hot Cuirass (-40ac 20mana), Robes Of Grey Silk (-12ac 26mana)
<worn on head> Sea-Bleached Hat (-15ac 50mana), Skull With Huge, Curved Horns (-35ac 35mana), Blue Dragonscale Cowl (-35ac 20mana), Horns Of Typhus* (-50ac 20mana)
<worn on legs> Wolfskin Puttees (-30ac 10mana)
<worn on feet>
<worn on hands>
<worn on arms> Black Bracer (-6ac 25 mana), Sapphire Studded Sleeves (-8ac 15mana)
<held in offhand> N\A
<worn about body> Mantle Of The Master Archivist (-20ac 60mana), Snow Leopardskin Cloak (-25ac 50mana)
<worn about waist> Girth Of The Most Holy (-25ac 100mana), Belt Of Sorcery (-7ac 50mana), Font Of Power (-20ac 20mana)
2x <worn on wrist> Blazing Scaleguard (-5ac 10mana)
<wielded> N\A
<held> Heart Of The Forest (-5ac 20mana)