Vault Treasure Hunt

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The demon attendant inside the Labyrinth north of Bo'Vul on Thorngate is looking to trade information for treasures. He is looking for 17 different treasures but multiples of some of them for a total of 40.

Treasure Quest
Treasure Item Plane Area  Amount Required
Orb Of Bravery Thorngate Rietta's Wonders 5
Astral Powder Astral Astral Plane 5
Crown of Crystal Arcadia Citadel Arcadia 2
Treaty Of Purity Of Faith Firerealm Firerealm Proper 3
Amulet of the Cat's Eye Kzinti Homeworld 3
Green Silken Sarong Thorngate Rietta's Wonders 3
Jade Bracer Astral Astral Invasion 1
Rod Of The Wicked Rulers Firerealm Firerealm Proper 2
Necklace Of Severed Fae Ears Kzinti Homeworld Kzinti Spire Of War 2
Silver Iguana Thorngate Rietta's Wonders 1
Floating Circle of Books Arcadia Citadel Arcadia 2
Amulet of Guiding Wind Airscape Airscape Proper 1
Orb Of Gith Outland Githzerai Keep 3
Armband Of The Unseen Noctopia Obsidian Arena; Stands 1
Exaltra's Mirror Noctopia Obsidian Arena; Stands 1
Naeadonna's Choker Noctopia Obsidian Arena; Stands 1
Yorimandil's Blindfold Noctopia
Under The Stars or
Obsidian Arena; Floor
Sandblasted Emerald Kzinti Homeworld Inferno Peak 2
Majestre's Crop Noctopia Obsidian Arena; Stands 1

Finishing the quest rewards 25 quest points and a permanent %5 experience bonus insignia.