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It is always night in Noctopia. Amid its endless gardens and riverside walkways, one can find any number of Dark Fae, their pets and guests. Through the plane flows a river of reddish hue, akin to blood but lacking its odor or foulness. Ancient legends speak of this river draining the very life from any it touches.

Builder: Dev


If you haven't already summoned the Planar Anchor, you need to clear Noctopia shift and go s, d, w, {d}. Note that the last door can be bashed.


s, d, w, [d] from shift will take you to a Lloydable room in Under The Stars.

According to Dev this area has 4 exits. I -think- this is all of them:


This area is divided into two sections: the bleeding tunnels and the iron walkway. When you first enter Under The Stars from the Shiftwatch Orb you'll find yourself in the bleeding tunnels.

The iron walkways portion of this area is much less dangerous. Since this part of the area isn't cursed, you can portal here as soon as you enter Under The Stars. "Panthrax" is an acceptable portal point.

Note that some of the pets (either pet panthraqs or pet devils or both) are corpse eaters.


'This first room of the area is Lloydable. Also, Planar Anchor stays in one place now, so if you can set up an anchor here, you don't have to deal with Noctopia shift anymore!

The bleeding tunnels are cursed, noregen, and patrolled by the wielding/bashing/disarming/tracking Ethereal Stalkers. Instruct your tanks to rescue each other if one gets bashed.

The iron walkways are uncursed and regenable. Here you can find Yorimandil The Blind (sometimes) and entrance(s) to Obsidian Arena; Stands.


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