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"The Stage of Suffering." That's what they call the floor of Noctopia's Obsidian Arena. It is the plane's largest structure, and an everlasting monument to the cruelty of the Dark Fae. They gather in the stands in large numbers, eager to rub elbows with the Elite, and protected by automaton guards. The Grand Duke uses the arena as a training ground for his soldiers, feeding them any unlucky enough to become a captive of the Dark Fae. Rumor holds that a dark prize awaits the Noctopian strong enough to defeat all comers in the arena.

Builder: Dev


Head east from the Corpse Collector in Pits Of Blood And Chain seeking an up exit.


Examine down exits from Obsidian Arena; Stands looking for mobs in this area.


The aforementioned entrance from Pits Of Blood And Chain is a one-way exit (needs confirmation). Not sure if the entrance from Obsidian Arena; Stands is one-way, but I think it is, since I haven't come across a safe-looking up exit from the floor.

This area is loaded with 7 mob, nospell, det (read: suicidal) entrances to Obsidian Arena; Stands.


North and a bit east from the Pits Of Blood And Chain entrance is Duke Malafont. See Gear In Obsidian Arena; Floor for more information.


If you're after the gear, be careful with Paehandra Of The Moon and her tendency to cast martyrdom. Also note that the Dark Fae Beastmasters are particularly annoying. They like to stay one room away from your group and snipe you, preventing you from regenning. When you kill them they spawn a Rampaging Mastador, which stomps gear.


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