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"The Stage of Suffering." That's what they call the floor of Noctopia's Obsidian Arena. It is the plane's largest structure, and an everlasting monument to the cruelty of the Dark Fae. They gather in the stands in large numbers, eager to rub elbows with the Elite, and protected by automaton guards. The Grand Duke uses the arena as a training ground for his soldiers, feeding them any unlucky enough to become a captive of the Dark Fae. Rumor holds that a dark prize awaits the Noctopian strong enough to defeat all comers in the arena.

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The best way to enter this area is to follow a northern hallway on the western side of the "Iron Walkways" of Under The Stars.


So far we've found at least three ways to enter this area. Besides the entrance mentioned above, there's another north/south hallway from the Iron Walkways. This entrance was nospell and swarmy when I first found it. No clue if it's been changed since then.

There's also one or more up exits from Obsidian Arena; Floor which lead to this area. The room we entered had seven mobs. Three of them were Mindwardens, which detonate. They show up on scan as "A floating hive mind emits a violent storm of kinetic energy". To make matters worse, the Gatewatch Eyes (two of them) cast Shard Storm, utterly destroying anyone who's trying to make it through the det room naked. They show up on scan as "A blood red eye opens in the silver circle atop the gate". The other two mobs were Obsidian Watchmen, which are spec_buttkicker (bash/disarm). They show up on scan as "A malevolent red light stirs in the eyes of this obsidian statue". Needless to say, we fled like sissies.
(Devastant) "det mobs? we'll just get naked!" SHARDS! FOR YOU! IN YOUR FLESH!

While in the stands I've seen down exits that lead to the arena floor. I have a feeling that they're one-way exits, but this hasn't been confirmed.


"Her Ladyship's Stair" is to the north of the area. Wander north scanning for "malevolent red eye stirs..." to the up, or track kipp.


The only noteworthy feature of this area we've discovered is "Her Ladyship's Stair". This is a series of nospell rooms that (eventually) lead to Baroness Kipparielle on her Obsidian Throne, a bunch of other scary sounding fae. To get there head north, looking for "malevo

In these rooms are two Obsidian Watchmen, who bash, disarm, and are immune to archer damage. The rooms are surrounded by archers who longshot Doom Toxin at your group. Also, the archers surrounding the steps keep company with Deathwishes, so it's probably not a good idea to try to clear them out. So far we've managed to clear one of these rooms, only to find another one above it. No clue how many steps are on "Her Ladyship's Stair" yet. If you're going to try to get to the baroness bring A LOT of war/bzk to clear the room, along with pills/wands of cure poison.


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