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Worship was created by Crom as a way to develop diversity within Avatar without reinventing the wheel in regards to classes and races. The idea of inacting a global diversity change within a pre-established system is the primary reason that worship was designed. The idea of worship is simple. By worshipping a god or goddess, you will then be given curses and boons per that religious choice. In a perfect system, every god is a viable choice, but there are definitely favorites for races and classes based on the desires of the playerbase (or whim). A broad spectrum of effects are changed as a result of choosing a god with a strong attempt to make the good not outweigh the bad in regards to bonuses. The result of this code change was to create a race-class-god dynamic that gave players much more flexibility.

(This experimental concept was based upon the racial bonus code developed by Snikt and was expanded by Devastant after its initial implementation.)

See also Pantheon Courtyard and Statistics.


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