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Gear Quick-Links Table
Newbie Gear
1-10 Arch Gear 1-10 Hit Gear 1-10 Mana Gear 1-10 Tank Gear 1-10 "Casties"
11-20 Arch Gear 11-20 Hit Gear 11-20 Mana Gear 11-20 Tank Gear 11-20 "Casties"
21-30 Arch Gear 21-30 Hit Gear 21-30 Mana Gear 21-30 Tank Gear 21-30 "Casties"
31-40 Arch Gear 31-40 Hit Gear 31-40 Mana Gear 31-40 Tank Gear 31-40 "Casties"
41-50 Arch Gear 41-50 Hit Gear 41-50 Mana Gear 41-50 Tank Gear 41-50 "Casties"
Hero Arc / Hero Dru Hero Hit Gear Hero Mana Gear Hero Tank Gear Hero "Casties"
Containers Hit-Point Gear Move-Point Gear Saving-Throw Gear Stat & Level Gear
Lord Gear
Lord Arc Gear Lord Hit Gear Lord Mana Gear Lord Tank Gear Lord KDR Gear
Lord Hit (T2) Lord Mana (T2) Lord Tank (T2)
Gear-Changing Aliases

Recommended Gear

<used as light> Silver Beacon
2x <worn on finger> (?)
2x <worn around neck> Daisy Chain or Traveller's Cloak
<worn on body> Uniform or Sea Turtle Shell
<worn on head> Draconian Helmet
<worn on legs> Scaly Green Leggings or Bloodstained Trousers
<worn on feet> Wooden Flippers or Soft Thief Shoes or Leather Boots With Mithril Plates or Leather Moccasins or Fur-Lined Boots
<worn on hands> Tinker's Gloves
<worn on arms> Blue Steel Sleeves? or Tulip Tattoo?
<held in offhand> Wooden Shield or Traveller's Shield
<worn about body> Tunic Of Lichen or White Healer's Baldric or Coil Of Cordage
<worn about waist> Rope Belt
2x <worn on wrist> Red Steel Bracer or Weird Bracelet
<wielded> Stout Section Of Willow or Nine Tails Whip or Short Sword or any weapon that has the Invulnerability Rune
<held> Mother Of Pearl