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Beneath the Obsidian Arena lie a series of pits, chains and prisons. The cells house captives and victims from across the cosmos, tending by demons and Fae so twisted, even the other Noctopians shun them.

Builder: Dev


From the Lloydable room in Under The Stars go as far north as you can, then west, then more north. Check periodically for hidden up exits. Once you find one, bash it open and go up to enter the main part of this area. Note that once the door repops behind you you won't be able to go back down unless you have a psionicist who will be able to see a 'chain' in the room after going up, which when pulled will open down.


Besides the aforementioned entrance, there's an up exit east of the Corpse Collector that leads to Obsidian Arena; Floor


When you first enter this place you'll find yourself in "a hanging cage". You need to pick a door to access the rest of the area.


Bring a rogue to pick your way out of the cage. Avoid fighting the Corpse Collector if at all possible. He shows up on scan as " A staggeringly huge golem is coated in corpses and gore." He hits insanely hard (DESTRUCTIVE is common) and drags off the players which he defeats. Also, veil is useless against it.


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