Eragora Self-Sufficiency Gauge

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Eragora is (eventually) expected to act as a self-sufficient realm. In order to achieve this, various prerequisites need to be satisfied (i.e. stuff must exist), from gear and services to utility items and similar. This page serves as a gauge to determine what Eragora is lacking, and perhaps strongly hint the builders what to keep in mind for further Eragoran areas.

General services

Service Location / Mob Comment / Comparison (if applicable)
Bank Arx Nivea
Shop - Weaponsmith Arx Nivea Sells adequate hero level weapons
Lockers The Quaestorium in Arx Nivea The room downstairs is safe at night.
Shop - Armory Arx Nivea Sells hero level gear for CRs.
Shop - Archer Arx Nivea Sells arrows and bolts in large batches.
Shop - Utility Arx Nivea Has a few non-arms shops.
Shop - Utility Akrikto the Butcher Irrelevant food.
Smithing Arx Nivea's Weaponsmith Has dialogue based on a real SAS knife combat instructor.
Smithing Grogbert Thunderbeard (Sun God Altar), Also a regular mob so he may be dead.
Smithing Moonbay handyman One south of Village center
Etcher / Jeweller Arx Nivea's Moneylender Also a bank.
Labeler Unknown or does not exist
Morgue Unknown or does not exist
Thieves' Guild Hidden within Arx Nivea Has a guild shopkeeper and trainer
Healer and Infirmary Arx NIvea Sells useful alchemical potions

Consumable spell items

Spell Item Item type Location / Mob Comment / Comparison (if applicable)
Burning Hands assorted herbs and spices pill monk cook
Frenzy, Heal luscious crab meat pill Found in barrels & Yellow Crab in Moonbay village Two spells in one pill!
Heal clay vial potion Seneca Rotberry single heal
Heal exists scroll quest reward double heal scroll
Refresh, Heal raw fish pill Found in barrels in Moonbay village Two spells in one pill!
Regeneration a set of herbal bandages pill halfling healer Also casts sleep, so do not use outside infirmaries.
Sanctuary pearl-tipped staff staff Binbinka spawns in lowmort AND hero versions (8 or 16 ticks)
Unrest orc skin scroll scroll studying acolyte Exotics.
Dark Embrace, Water Breathing, Endurance a kelp leaf pill thick vine of kelp very easy to farm.
Steel Skeleton ulexite shard mini-quest e n from Ginormous give shard to goblin

Gear Items - Midgaardia alternatives / replacements

Please list here equivalents / upgrades to Midgaardia items, no downgrades.

Body Location Archer Hit Tank Mana HP / Saves / Misc
light Luminescent Stalk
finger Orkenfyr Signet Ring Orkenfyr Signet Ring
neck Rune Of Life
body Tunic Of Fiery Scalemail Zurik's Cowl Sea-Bleached Tunic Tunic Of Fiery Scalemail
head Sea-Bleached Hat
legs Sea-Bleached Trousers Pair Of Cutt-Off Trousers
feet Mauve Mollusc Mukluks Mauve Mollusc Mukluks
arms Aura Of Elemental Strength
about body Robes Of Life Sustainment
wrist Aura Of Elemental Power, Thin Ulexite Wristguard Aura Of Elemental Power
held Focusing Staff

Eragora weaponry

List the best Eragora has here. It's hard to judge what's an upgrade over what so let's put one or two of each.

Name Level HR DR Weight Weapon Type Damage Type Notes
Chattering Skeletal Claws 51 11 11 30 Double Clawing Quest reward.
Serrated Bone-Sword 51 6 12 10 Double Clawing -
Waterlogged Solid Iron Hammer 51 4 10 40 Two-handed Crushing -
Clear Sword Of Ulexite 51 9 9 5 One-handed Stabbing -
Portia's Dagger 51 10 10 7 One-handed Piercing -
Whalebone Spear 51 13 13 9 Hafted Stabbing -
Ink-Black Obsidian Spear 51 12 14 15 Hafted Piercing -
Dragon-Blade 51 11 11 3 One-Handed Piercing -

Utility items

These are things like whetstones, fletch kits, etc.

  • Rogue tools are available in the Thieve's Guild in Arx Nivea.