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Gear Quick-Links Table
Newbie Gear
1-10 Arch Gear 1-10 Hit Gear 1-10 Mana Gear 1-10 Tank Gear 1-10 "Casties"
11-20 Arch Gear 11-20 Hit Gear 11-20 Mana Gear 11-20 Tank Gear 11-20 "Casties"
21-30 Arch Gear 21-30 Hit Gear 21-30 Mana Gear 21-30 Tank Gear 21-30 "Casties"
31-40 Arch Gear 31-40 Hit Gear 31-40 Mana Gear 31-40 Tank Gear 31-40 "Casties"
41-50 Arch Gear 41-50 Hit Gear 41-50 Mana Gear 41-50 Tank Gear 41-50 "Casties"
Hero Arc / Hero Dru Hero Hit Gear Hero Mana Gear Hero Tank Gear Hero "Casties"
Containers Hit-Point Gear Move-Point Gear Saving-Throw Gear Stat & Level Gear
Lord Gear
Gear-Changing Aliases

One-Time Quest Rewards

These are the rewards of special quests that can only be done once ever, or once per incarnation.
They are almost always bound to the character which does the quest due to their power.

<used as light>
2x <worn on finger>
2x <worn around neck> Fingerbone Of Kra
<worn on body> Ultimoose Power
<worn on head>
<worn on legs> Sea Priestess' Skirt?
<worn on feet>
<worn on hands> Gauntlets of the Farstrider/Magence/Predator/Moonstalker
<worn on arms>
<held in offhand>
<worn about body> Aura Of The Storyteller?
<worn about waist> Girth Of The Most Holy
2x <worn on wrist>
<wielded> Lightning Strike, Serpent's Tongue
inventory <boat> A masterwork boat
inventory <tool> Grogbert's Whetstone

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