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Gear Quick-Links Table
Newbie Gear
1-10 Arch Gear 1-10 Hit Gear 1-10 Mana Gear 1-10 Tank Gear 1-10 "Casties"
11-20 Arch Gear 11-20 Hit Gear 11-20 Mana Gear 11-20 Tank Gear 11-20 "Casties"
21-30 Arch Gear 21-30 Hit Gear 21-30 Mana Gear 21-30 Tank Gear 21-30 "Casties"
31-40 Arch Gear 31-40 Hit Gear 31-40 Mana Gear 31-40 Tank Gear 31-40 "Casties"
41-50 Arch Gear 41-50 Hit Gear 41-50 Mana Gear 41-50 Tank Gear 41-50 "Casties"
Hero Arc / Hero Dru Hero Hit Gear Hero Mana Gear Hero Tank Gear Hero "Casties"
Containers Hit-Point Gear Move-Point Gear Saving-Throw Gear Stat & Level Gear
Lord Gear
Gear-Changing Aliases

Recommended Gear Progression

Notes about the progression lists below:

  • Numbers in () indicate the lowest level the item pops at.
  • Items wearable at level 50 will eventually be included even if they are considered Hero gear but an 'H' will be included in the () to indicate this.
  • The list doesn't consider alternative items of lesser worth. Only the most effective item at a given level is listed. See the level range specific pages for alternative or easier to obtain items.
  • Grandfathered items are also not included in this list. Again see the level range specific lists for grandfathered gear you can try begging someone for.
  • Items with (Fade) after them MAY require fading before use

<used as light> (19)Orb Of Sunshine > (25)High Drow Heart > (31)Mark Of Death > (41)Orb Of Ancient Dark Magic
2x <worn on finger> (18)Ring Of The Rat > (24)Chronicler's Ring > (32)Small Emerald Ring > (44)Riithi Noble's Ring
2x <worn around neck> (1)Jewelled Cat Collar > (15)Oak Leaf Medal > (26)Silver Scale On A String or (25)Holy Symbol Of Lolth(Fade) > (31)Orken Mage's Scarf or (31)Gnomish Holy Symbol
<worn on body> (6)Blood Red Tunic > (9)Chamorro Ringmail > (27)Black Leather Corset(Fade) > (31)Ink Black Robe(Fade) > (39)Riithi Shaman's Robes
<worn on head> (3)Dirty Old Hat > (17)Prince's Crown > (23)Gem Of Frozen Moonlight(Fade) > (24)Healer's Headscarf > (28)Pair Of Ruby Earrings > (40)Onyx Band Of Runes
<worn on legs> (26)Dyed Yellow Trousers > (41)Waterlace Leggings
<worn on feet> (20)Pair Of Open Toed Sandals > (26)Silk Slippers(Fade) > (40)Starmetal Anklet
<worn on hands> (?)a pair of weather worker's gloves > (24)Pair Of Unblemished Silken Gloves > (40)Pair Of Onyx Knuckles(Fade)
<worn on arms> (?)Cloud Tattoos or (20)shimmering silver runes > (26)Silver Sleeves(Fade)(GF?) > (36)Mark Of The Veldri > (44)Black Bracer
<held in offhand> (13)Poignard Of Yashan > (29)Staff Of The Mystagogue(Fade) > (34)Adamantite Shield
<worn about body> (1)Linen Robe > (6)Priest's Robe > (13)Elven Wizard Robes > (14)Robe Of The Magi > (22)Sea Blue Cloak > (39)Silk Lined Cloak > (39/H)Unholy Robe(Fade)
<worn about waist> (10)Belt Of Crystalmir > (40)Onyx Belt Of Runes > (47)Belt Of Sorcery
2x <worn on wrist> (14)Red Bracer > (16)Steel Bracer (Solace) > (26)Enchanted Bangle
<wielded> (13)Poignard Of Yashan > (19)Silvanus Wayfinder's Sword > (31)Master's Staff > (50)Kzinti Holy Scythe
<held> (16)Magic Wall Mirror > (34)Pale Blue Stone

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